Software Developer C/C++/Rust zdalnie


For our Client (outsourcing company from US which has a client from Switzerland), we are looking for Software Developer C/C++/Rust. 100% remotely.


About the final client and project:

We are a young, fast-growing company located near Zurich, Switzerland. We make a living by applying cutting-edge technology to financial and commodity trading.

Position is remote and you have to speak English very well.

Do you like building cutting-edge, safe trading systems in a small team of experts? If yes...

We are looking for skilled Software Developers with experience in high-performance C/C++/Rust programming.

You will be responsible for building and maintaining internal applications. You will be working with a small team of experts and you will have high levels of responsibilities. We are looking for someone with passion, trust and innovation.


We want to move from C/C++ to a more modern system programming language, i.e. Rust. Rust is not a strict requirement, but a huge plus, and we do ask that you are open to learning it. Rust offers a modern static type system, strong guarantees for memory safety, nice syntax and zero-cost abstractions. Rust was voted most loved language in the 2020 StackOverflow Developers Survey.

Your expertise

Pick three:

. A good understanding of modern hardware

. Familiarity with software profiling and optimisation

. Low level Linux 'system', in particular network programming

. Concurrent, parallel programming and distributed systems

. SIMD programming (e.g. AVX, SSE)

. GPU programming, e.g. with CUDA

. Machine learning, deep learning, and all the other A.I. buzz-words

Here's what you'll get back:

  • Salary depending on your experience - up to 40 USD/hour on B2B
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote work
  • Paid leave
  • Medicine package
  • Sport card


You'll be engaged only in 4 steps:

  1. Internal interview with Intetics
  2. First interview with the final Client
  3. Second interview with final Client in a wider group
    4. Final decision

Are you interested? Apply now!

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Gdzie szukać pracy jako Software Developer C/C++/Rust

Jaka oferta pracy na stanowisku: Software Developer C/C++/Rust w miejscowości: zdalnie jest idealna dla Ciebie? Śmiało Aplikuj! Sprawdź też inne ogłoszenia o pracę z firmy lub zapoznaj się raz jeszcze z ofertą pracy. Szukam pracy jako Software Developer C/C++/Rust Możesz także skorzystać ponownie z naszej darmowej wyszukiwarki ofert pracy

Zachęcamy do złożenia Aplikacji na stanowisko Software Developer C/C++/Rust, praca w zdalnie dopasowana do Twoich wymagań praca. Zobacz także dostepny katalog Stanowisk na, gdzie znajdziesz więcej ogłoszeń o pracę.

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