Operations Manager/Project Manager at a Unique Start-up Company

Organic Beauty Brand Warszawa Wynagrodzenie do negocjacji

Operations Manager/Project Manager position at a growing eCommerce business offering organic beauty and health products.

This is a full time work that will make you grow, learn new skills, have fun with a rockstar small team (11 of us) and do something meaningful. 

Work schedule: Mon-Fri 9-5pm office work (location: New Wilanów, Warsaw) + 3 hours home office every Saturday & Sunday.

You will be overseeing all company operations, all administrative tasks, coordinate departments, teams, customers relations, manage office and some parts of production too.

Unlike boring corporate jobs, this is an opportunity to be a part of high performing team of A-players who make things happen, coordinate projects to successful completion with full opportunity to do interesting projects and have a real voice in the company.

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What type of tasks you will be doing:

  • Overseeing all departments processes, creating new SOPs, systemizing office system to achieve more efficiency
  • Around 2h each day covering customer service messages (the 3h work from home on both Sat & Sun is also to mainly cover customers' emails from Amazon; this way you'll understand the products better)
  • Managing and systemizing all data excel sheets, dropbox folders for the company; making sure everyone follows the processes
  • Managing different departments goals, meeting with teams and individuals to make sure they are on schedule
  • Bi-monthly meetings with all team members to go over their happiness level (scripted set of questions) to prevent future conflicts and to make sure everyone have all materials and time to perform they need (team management in essence)
  • Overseeing some production facility work and contributing work for few days as well if needed so you learn the processes (this means you will need to sometimes (not more than once or twice a week, if that) show up in a 2nd location in Kierszek, Kabaty where the facility is
  • Managing office schedules, making office purchases (coffee, milk, catering for anniversaries)
  • Helping out and optimising work of different departments, being part of teams realising short and long term projects
  • Work directly with the CEO, helping out with schedule & tasks, mediating in interpersonal situations of the team, improving the overall effectiveness

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Submit your application for the Operations Manager/Project Manager position via this link:


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The type of person w're looking for:

1.  Your’re excellent/fluent in english (in our office we speak only english with each other, customers, suppliers).

2. You’re obsessed with precision and details (good with administrative tasks and keeping things in order).

3. You’re organized. You deliver what they promise 100%.

4. You’re resourceful. You don't need hand holding at every turn.

5. You have pride in your work ethic. You’re ambitious. Can't sleep if something is not done right.

6. You’re great with people, you mediate conflicts between people well and you bring an upbeat spirit to the team.

7. You want to be a part of something special, new and interesting. You want your contribution and work be significant and are serious about your career and growth.


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Submit your application for the Operations Manager/Project Manager position via this link:


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What's in it for you?

  • Learning from and working with the CEO of the company directly
  • Working in the english, international environment.
  • Learning entirely new eCommerce skill set that no one in Poland teaches or does
  • Working with organic beauty and health products, overseeing how they are being made
  • Opportunity to grow your career to a C level leadership position, growing alongside with the company
  • Managing small teams of fun, smart and ambitious people 

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