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As BA - Trade CoE, understand the relevant TM&D product(s) vision, strategy, roadmap and backlog and identify technology and/or process opportunities to ensure alignment to TM&D vision and goals, and the Information and Digital Technology (IDT) strategy. Work with TM&D and IDT to develop, implement and maintain the relevant TM&D product(s) to deliver business value within agreed timelines and budget. This is a cross functional role, working intimately with both TM&D and IDT.


PeTra is the "Performance Transformation" of the Global TM&D Operating Model, to drive effectiveness, efficiency and speed of decision.

The Trade CoE is a cross-functional team being created in 2019, organised and implemented by PeTra's products, with the responsibility of evolving and extracting maximum value from those products post-Hypercare. This includes:

  • 'Keeping the lights on' by resolving incidents, supporting issues and problems in live markets, maintenance, security, run costs, etc.
  • 'Evolving and improving' the products -- new features, innovation and changes for live markets, leveraging the platform, etc.
  • 'Governing and empowering' -- helping End Markets leverage the platform and building their capabilities, which might be re-used by others
  • 'Maximising usage' -- continue people change and adoption management to make the most of the platform's capabilities
  • 'Retrofit' -- enabling new features built by the PeTra programme to become live through testing, remediation, product change management, system training material updates and leveraging the global Super User Community


Keeping the lights on:

  • Support the Product Owner & Manager - Trade CoE in prioritising, coordinating and communicating the resolution of live product issues within Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Evolving and improving:

  • Ensure the evolution of the relevant TM&D product(s), where appropriate by delivering through central capabilities (internal team and System Integrator (SI))
  • Support the Product Owner & Manager - Trade CoE in writing user stories and acceptance tests
  • Support the Product Owner & Manager - Trade CoE in successfully managing end-to-end delivery of product iterations, prioritising work and making appropriate trade-offs
  • Communicate progress, proactively manage risks and issues, escalating to the Product Owner & Manager - Trade CoE where necessary
  • Collaborate effectively with Global TM&D, DRGs, engineers, architects, data scientists, Report Analysts, other product teams, across Group, DT and Divisional CDO's, along with 3rd parties to launch new products - maximising re-use across the group
  • Understand and report progress against agreed outcomes and related success measures
  • Use data to drive analysis of new features / iterations and drive prioritisation of future work
  • Ensure that system training materials are amended to reflect new product iterations and published on the relevant Learning Management System (LMS), and deliver face-to-face training where required

Governing and empowering:

  • Ensure the evolution the relevant TM&D product(s), where appropriate by empowering regions and other teams to deliver themselves

Maximising usage:

  • Support end market usage and performance by ensuring effective adoption management of the relevant TM&D products; including non-technical products such as Daily Direction Setting (DDS), the agile trade performance management framework, and a Social Collaboration tool) in live markets:
  • Generate and analyse the relevant TM&D product(s) adoption metrics and benchmarks/thresholds in the relevant Dashboard(s) at least twice annually
  • Run (or delegate to an independent third party) in the End Market Kilpatrick's Level 3 and 4 'Behaviour Change & Results' training evaluation workshops, that measure the organisational impact of the changes, approximately 8 and 14 months after go-live
  • Compare with previous metrics (Dashboards and the Programme team's evaluation at the end of Hypercare/the last Trade CoE evaluation respectively) and use these inputs to identify sub-optimal adoption and areas for focus
  • Collaborate and influence with End Market Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to identify the root causes and deploy initiatives to improve the adoption metrics beyond benchmark/threshold within an acceptable timeframe
  • Provide necessary support to the End Market SMEs and escalate to relevant Product Owner & Manager and End Market Leadership Team in cases of significant gaps and/or negative trends
  • Monitor and repeat periodically, as specified above.


  • Coordinate and guarantee that new capabilities are delivered for current live markets for relevant TM&D product(s),with sufficient quality and testing
  • Actively manage, contribute to and invigorate the Online Super User Community for relevant TM&D product(s), ensuring its sustained long term. This includes appointing new Regional Super Users (for Salesforce and IVY) and ensuring end markets appoint new Super Users (for Anaplan and PowerBI), when needed
  • Coordinate the updating of system training content and materials (including end user training slides, instructor slides, Quick Reference Guides (QRG), training scenarios and eLearning materials) for relevant TM&D product(s) and the publishing these on the BAT Learning Management System (LMS)


Knowledge, Skills & Experience

Skills required

  • Degree educated Marketing or IT professional with business-facing IT experience in a global environment, preferably with a degree in a Business- or IT-related discipline
  • Strong planning and prioritisation skills, with a working knowledge of agile practices
  • Ability to analyse processes and data to draw insight, and identify opportunities
  • Proactivity and initiative, a 'can-do' attitude and the ability to work unsupported
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Ability to recognise the concepts of shared responsibility and effective collaboration
  • Willingness to learn, experiment and collaborate
  • Commitment to ongoing personal development and the ability to recognise and celebrate effort and success of colleagues


  • A Trade Marketing or IT professional with, as a guideline 3 to 5 years' experience in the field
  • Experience of working in an industry where marketing is highly regulated
  • Multinational FMCG and FTSE-100 experience
  • Experience of global TM&D e-commerce and B2B systems and technologies around modern plat

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