PHP Developer

Brave PHP Developer! We are in need of your experience and enthusiasm and in return, we shall offer you a bag of gold and lots of challenges. Deal?

What we offer:

  • 14200 - 20000 PLN + VAT on a B2B contract
  • the opportunity to be part of a team working on probably the most demanding project in your career so far
  • work in one of our offices (Lublin, Warsaw) or fully remotely
  • paid absences
  • English and Norwegian lessons with native speakers, well-equipped kitchen and lots of other benefits
  • reasonable deadlines (which we by the way set ourselves as a development team)
  • training budget and 2 days a month dedicated to education

Required skills, technologies and experience:

  • common sense and natural problem-solving abilities
  • be one smart cookie, because the domain is not easy to understand
  • good level of English (at least B2) - we cooperate with people from Poland, Norway, and Portugal and the client is from the United Kingdom
  • very good knowledge of PHP7 OOP, supported by at least 5 years of commercial experience (the more the better)
  • experience in working with legacy code and systems processing a large amount of data
  • experience in code review (we believe it's a crucial skill both for the code creator and the reviewer)
  • software architecture: SOLID, GRASP, TDD, Design Patterns, clean code, clean architecture (all you need to know in order to understand how to pay the technological debt)
  • MySQL / MariaDB - SQL, indexes, foreign keys, JOINs
  • GIT - work with repo on daily basis, nothing extraordinary
  • experience with CI / CD (GitLab, Jenkins)
  • Laravel - at least the level presented on

The order of the requirements is not accidental - first of all, we are interested in your approach to solving problems, and only then in the knowledge of one or another technology. The reason for this is the fact that the task of our team is the ongoing maintenance of the application, gradual paying off the technological debt where possible and responding to the current needs of the business. Especially the latter requires an open mind and the ability to look more broadly at things that go beyond our technology.

The system itself is a group of applications written in CodeIgniter 3.x and Laravel 5.x (underneath is MariaDB + MariaDB ColumnStore). These applications help customer analysts work efficiently with millions of data records in the field of supply chain management. Carried out with the help of the industry-recognized authority, Event Storming with customer experts showed that the domain is vast and deep, so you will definitely not be bored :) The infrastructure stands on AWS and is described in Ansible and Terraform, and for the deployment will be responsible Jenkins (work in progress). Tableau is also part of the technological stack, for which our DevOps team is technically responsible.

Your Responsibilities:

  • participation in conceptual work related to the further development of the application (here, close cooperation with the Product Owner and analysts on the client's side) and their ongoing maintenance
  • performing tasks planned during planning, including creating code in PHP, writing unit and functional tests, preparing technical documentation and instructions, code review
  • participation in discussions and decisions regarding architecture and technology selection, sharing expert knowledge
  • cooperation with the team: 3 programmers, tester, Product Owner, 2 DevOps

If you have been looking for a place where you will be able to use your entire experience and rise to a higher level, you've come to the right place. Send us your CV and portfolio. If we think that we have a chance to get along, we will call you. Everyone who will take part in the recruitment interview will receive technical feedback within a few days, regardless of the recruitment results. We take what we do seriously and we hope to find a common language.

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Gdzie szukać pracy jako PHP Developer

Jaka oferta pracy na stanowisku: PHP Developer w miejscowości: Warszawa jest idealna dla Ciebie? Śmiało Aplikuj! Sprawdź też inne ogłoszenia o pracę z firmy Netkata sp. z o.o. lub zapoznaj się raz jeszcze z ofertą pracy. Szukam pracy jako PHP Developer Możesz także skorzystać ponownie z naszej darmowej wyszukiwarki ofert pracy

Zachęcamy do złożenia Aplikacji na stanowisko PHP Developer, praca w Warszawa dopasowana do Twoich wymagań.Netkata sp. z o.o. praca. Zobacz także dostepny katalog Stanowisk na, gdzie znajdziesz więcej ogłoszeń o pracę.

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